At In Eternal Memory, we offer you a place to Create A Memorial for a loved one who has passed away and provide them with a loving tribute for everyone to read. Our website is dedicated to ensuring that the memorial you create for loved ones who are no longer with us receive the dignity and respect they deserve.

Our primary goal is providing you with the space to compose a proper tribute to the person who has passed. We believe in providing you with a simple, understated website that provides the right platform to tell the world about the person who has moved on.

What is In Eternal Memory?

The services we provide are open to all faiths so that everyone will feel comfortable in writing a tribute to their loved one with the care and dignity that is needed. We provide enough space for you to write a proper tribute, add photographs and mention when the funeral services either will or have taken place. There is more than enough space here to provide the type of tribute that is well suited for everyone that knew the person.

It only takes a few moments to sign up and start writing a tribute that can be accessed by the family, friends and people that knew the soul who has now passed. You can send a link to the memorial page through your email or social media so that anyone can visit, remember and be touched by the accomplishments and memory of the person.

Why In Eternal Memory Was Created

A few years ago, an unexpected death in our family brought to our attention the lack of ways to post a proper tribute. We wanted people to know just how special this person was and how they touched out lives, so we set out to create a proper website that provided the right tone that allowed us to create a wonderful eternal memory to our loved one and share that with you.

It was based on that experience that we wanted to expand our website to include anyone who has undergone the same feelings of not being able to provide a proper tribute to someone who has passed in a proper way. Here, you can tell us about the person, provide pictures, funeral service notification and more. We feel that everyone deserves to have the world know about their lives and we have provided the proper place for a memorial in their honor.